Septimus Nepuis Vetranio

the floromancer


Septimus is a young patrician of Bellicus, with a passion for the arcane. He grew up on his family’s villa in the countryside, where they oversaw their many farms, specializing in the growth of herbs and spices. It was perhaps due to his agricultural background, that Septimus developed a keen interest the effects of Arcana on plant life.

Septimus was a student at the Mage Academy of Bellicus City. Although he was eager to learn, his peers and teachers were dismissive of his ideas and discouraged his interest in the study of plants.

At home, Septimus’s family fell on hard times after several crop failures and droughts had severely damaged their income, so much at they had to put Septimus’s tuition fees on hold, and pull him out of the Academy.

Fearing for his family’s livelihood, Septimus left home in secret to try and research ways to prevent crop failures and other agriculture disasters.


Septimus Nepuis Vetranio

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