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  • Aois-dana

    An advisor to nobles and kings, they occupy a sacred-like position. They are given anything they ask by the nobility, not just out of respect, but often out of fear if their vicious [[Aer | _satires._]]

  • Dan Dreah

    Dan Dreahis a unique Elvish ritual used by _fili_ when composing poetry; where they lie down in complete darkness in a meditative like state.

  • Aer

    Aer is poetical satire that is often used against the powerful. Elven poets can destroy the reputation of even highest nobility which their devastating satire. They could even use their _aer_ as spells.

  • Ollam

    Ollam is the highest rank of any druid, regardless of profession. It means "master" or "teacher". Young druids are sent off at an early age of study under the apprenticeship of an Ollam. There is also an office of Cheif Ollam, which even in the old …

  • Druids

    The Druids are a high-ranking professional class of the Elves. They are religious leaders, legal authorities, lore keepers, healers, and advisors, as well as poets, musicians, artisans and smiths. Most professionals and skilled people fall into their …