Tag: poetry


  • Flyting

    A _flyting_ is a poetic insult competition that is done in verse, usually between [[Skald | skalds]] at banquets.

  • Skolion

    _Skolion_ are songs sung by guests at a banquet, they usually famous tales of gods and heroes. They are always improvised, and sung with a lyre that is passed around from singer to singer. The singers are meant to pun, riddle, or cleverly modify the …

  • Dan Dreah

    Dan Dreahis a unique Elvish ritual used by _fili_ when composing poetry; where they lie down in complete darkness in a meditative like state.

  • Aer

    Aer is poetical satire that is often used against the powerful. Elven poets can destroy the reputation of even highest nobility which their devastating satire. They could even use their _aer_ as spells.