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  • Kleos

    _Kleos_ is a Remulan concept meaning glory or renown, usually used in reference to great heroes of old. It is considered to passed through generations, from father to son; the son of great man must at the very least mantain the _Kleos_ of his forefothers,

  • Skolion

    _Skolion_ are songs sung by guests at a banquet, they usually famous tales of gods and heroes. They are always improvised, and sung with a lyre that is passed around from singer to singer. The singers are meant to pun, riddle, or cleverly modify the …

  • Kottabos

    _Kottabos_ is a game often played at _symposiums_, in which a player flings lees at a target as he utters the object of his affection.

  • Symposium,

    A _symposium_ is a drinking party usually put on by aristocrats for special occasions, be it a festival, coming of age, or announcement of marriage. They were traditionally male-only parties, filled with food, drink and a variety of entertainment. …

  • Sysstia

    A _sysstia_ is a Bellucian "banquet", it is considered the opposite of a [[Symposium, | _symposium_]]. It is often as bonding of sorts between different tribes or families. It is a sober and somber meal, with simple but hearty food.

  • Insula

    An insula is an apartment building. Most commoners in the city live in these, and they can vary in quality greatly depending on the neighborhood. Insula usually have several private sleeping quarters for the individual families, with a shared cooking area …

  • Domus

    [[File:815932 | class=media-item-align-right | 200x400px | domus.jpg]] A domus is private house in the cities. They are usually owned by patricians, but wealthy freemen can acquire them as well. They much more spacious than the quarters of an [[Insula …

  • Villa

    A _villa_ is a large house in the countryside, usually owned by a patrician family. They are used by the wealthy landowners of the many farms, vineyards and orchards outside of city.

  • Tabernae

    Tabernae are a single roomed shop which sell anything from prepared food, wine, bread and other goods and services. Tabernea are run by urban freeman, many who work under a patron who owned the property. Tabernae could be in a _macella_, or an [[ …

  • The Forum

    The Forum is the central business district of a Remulan city. It is used for trading, shopping, banking, as well as festivals and oritations by politicians. [[File:816621 | class=media-item-align-center | 400x300px | forum.jpg]]

  • Collegium

    The collegia are the guilds of Remula that exist for almost every profession, from poets to blacksmiths. They are organized bodies of local business men or even criminals. Collegia offer various benefits for it's members such as providing funerary …

  • Thermopolium

    A thermopolium is a Remulan stall or store where prepared foods are sold hot and ready. They are very popular amongst the plebeians, but are scorned by the upper classes, who see them as vulgar and unrefined. [[File:816618 | class=media-item-align- …

  • Annona

    Annona is the grain dole which is given to any Remulan citizen who registers for it. It has greatly improved life for the lower classes of Remula.

  • Infamia

    Infamia is a unique social status in Remula, that is always and automatically put upon members of certain professions and birth such as prostitutes, pimps, actors, dancers, and gladiators. Infames suffer from a loss of social standing and do not have …

  • Port Ardea

    Port Ardea (known to the Elves as Port Mellan), is a large coastal city on the delta of the Braid, and the central point for Elven trade with other races. Port Ardea was founded by Prince Mellan, who expanded Elvish territory into Ledea and built many …

  • Remula

    For most of their history, the different regions of Remula were divided into city states. Although there was a great variance between the different states, there were still a certain kinship amongst as Remulans (which originally only meant speakers of the …