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  • Sippenhaft

    Sippenhaft is from of guilty by association that causes family members to suffer shame and ostricization for the illegal or taboo actions of a relative.

  • Frith

    Frith is concept in _Theodh_ culture that refers to peace, harmony and unity within an community, usually an [[Aett | _Aett_]]. Theodh society strives to mantain frith within a community at almost any cost.

  • Aett

    An Aett is a clan or kin-group of Theodh. Every Theodh, with the exception of exiles, is part of an Aett and carries in their name. Aetts are named after the founder or another famous ancestor.

  • Hirdsmenn

    Hirdsmenn are professional warriors in service of the king. They are usually nobility, but lower ranking hirdsmenn can be wealthier land-owning commoners. Hirdsmenn all go through a special initiation ceremony where they swear fealty to the King. The King …

  • The Thing

    [[File:815929 | class=media-item-align-right | 300x500px | 470px-Olav_den_helliges_saga_CK5.jpg]] The Thing is a legal assembly made of all the freemen of an [[Aett | Aett]]. The Thing takes place at the _Thingstead_, a meeting hall of sorts. The …

  • Holmgang

    Holmgang is a duel of honor, which can only be one-on-one. A holmgang is held in a small enclosure between wooden poles and cloak placed on the ground. The first person who's blood spills on the cloak loses (they also lose if they flee or refuse to fight …

  • Skald

    Skalds are a mix of scholars and bards, they are not only are poets and performers, they also memorized all the lore, history and tales of their people. Skalds performed at festivals and feasts, and competed in poetic contests of both memory and …

  • Flyting

    A _flyting_ is a poetic insult competition that is done in verse, usually between [[Skald | skalds]] at banquets.

  • Runes

    Runes are the alphabet of Theodh. The Theodh very rarely use Runes for codexs and parchment, they inscribe most of their writing on more permanent features, be it the walls of their buildings, clothing, jewelry, weapons and tools, and of course memorial …

  • Symbel

    A _symbel_ is a group drinking activity, usually done at banquets, in which a mead a large, ornate chalice is passed around to each man. As each man drinks a sip of the mead, he makes a toast, oath or boast, or he may even recite a poem or song, before he …

  • The Theodh

    The Theodh are the people of north of Ledea. Although they share a language and culture, they are not united, and divided into several different kingdoms. For much of their history the different Theodh[[Aett | _Aetts_]] warred and enslaved one another …

  • Jarl

    Jarls are the the highest ranking class in Theodh society; they include everyone of noble and royal blood. Most jarls are[[Hirdsmenn | _hirdsmenn_]] of their [[Aett | _Aett_]], typically making up the most skilled and highest positions in a _hird_.

  • Thrall

    Thralls are the lowest members of Theodh society, their main job is to do unskilled labor. They cannot carry weapons, and are required to have short, cropped hair and a collar. Most Thralls are captured in raids and are a lucrative and common trade item, …