Caderyn was the last High King of the Elves. He is remembered fearfully as the one who destroyed the Elven people with his own arrogance and hubris.

Caderyn was the second son of High-King Cullen, and thus was never meant to inherit the throne. However, as the Elves were expanding their Empire into the Ledean mainland, they were attacked by humans; a tribe known as the Bellucians. The Bellucians raided and destroyed Elven settlements, which roused High-King Cullen from his lethargic reign, he called his people to make war on the Bellucians.

In the ensuing battle, both Cullen and Prince Mellan, the eldest son and heir, were slain by the Bellucians. And so, Caderyn became king, but shortly into his reign grew arrogant and greedy. He was not content with his title, and demanded more; he declared himself an equal of the Gods. And so, the Gods destroyed Caderyn and the entire continent of Glashim. By their mercy, the Ronan colonie islands were spared, allowing the Elven people to survive, but they were forever humbled by the great loss of their Empire and homeland.


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